The mission of Milford Youth Lacrosse is to provide a safe, organized opportunity for boys and girls in grades 1 through 8 to learn and play the game of lacrosse.

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Milford Lax: Welcome to Spring!
by posted 02/24/2021


3/4 Red Team Parents... the 2021 spring lacrosse season is almost here!

I hope all of you are doing well. It's been a long time since many of the boys have played lacrosse and we're looking forward to a full and safe 2021 season. For those who don’t know me, I’m a former high school all-American defender, played long stick midfield at Ithaca College and continue to play “old-man” lacrosse to this day. Joining me this year on the coaching side is Tim Kearnan. Tim was a big help during the 2nd grade season, and I’m grateful to have him with us today. I wanted to take this time to give you some info on the start of the upcoming season:

Practices: We have (5) weekly indoor sessions start next Wednesday, March 3rd from 7P – 8P at “The Park” (fmr John Smiths sports bubble) in Milford. We'll start with basic skills and progress to more advanced drills over the five weeks.  After the indoor sessions, we'll move outside pending field availability. Due to COVID, we need to practice in our team cohorts until we’re able to get outside.

Equipment: All returning players should check their gear to make sure it’s in good working condition. All boys are expected to have a quality stick (we’re a big fan of the Stringking Complete), helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, arm/elbow pads, cup and mouthguard. Due to COVID, boys will be required to wear a cloth facemask under their helmet. If any new families have questions on what to get, I’m happy to help! 

COVID Protocols: More information will follow on the MYBLL and Milford Youth Lacrosse COVID protocols for the season, however rest assured that we will follow all state and league guidelines like social distancing (when possible) and the wearing of cloth facemasks under the helmets. 

Roster: We have a stacked team this season with both returning and new players, club kids and multi-sport athletes from both Milford and Hopedale: Ryan Atherton, Colton Bliss, Evan Caetano, Logan Capello, Dante Capuzziello, Quinn Cook, Tommy Kavanagh, Will Kearnan, Mile Olsen, Anthony Pellegrine, Hank Richards, Michael Ridolfi, Owen Shepard, Sam Stachowski and Jack Walker. 

Home”work”: Regardless of experience though, it’s time for everyone to get their sticks in their hands ASAP. Practice cradling, ground balls, catch and throw off a wall or with a sibling/parent and use both right and left hands. 

- Swax Lax balls are a great alternative to actual lacrosse balls if you're tossing a ball back and forth with your son.  They're much softer and don't roll as far.  

- Cradling is also an essential skill.  A great way to work on this is getting your boy a Cradle Baby.  It attaches the ball to the stick so that they can practice cradling inside without destroying your house and the stick is always nearby (Disclaimer: No promises on this. We all know that kids can destroy a house with anything without trying too hard).  They can be found at or on Amazon and are $15-$20.  

With this level of lacrosse, the boys will be playing on a larger field, using full size 6x6 nets, and require only 1 completed pass before the green light to shoot. This means the pace of play will be much faster and the ability to move the ball and play shut-down defense will be key. It’s going to be a blast! 

All that said... the most important thing this season is that boys learn, work hard and (most importantly) have fun.

If there are any questions, feel free to reach out:  ; m: 201-247-9175.

Can’t wait to see you all out there. Go Hawks!

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